Common questions.

What can I use Patchwork for?

You can use Patchwork to collectively organise and fund any gift, event or experience by inviting your friends and family to contribute. As long as it’s legal and doesn't breach our principles, you can patchwork away to your heart’s desire.

Where do the raised funds from my patchwork go?

Patchwork don't hold your funds. Instead contributions from friends go directly to your PayPal account or your bank account via Stripe.

If I use Patchwork to collect funds, how much money can I collect?

There are no limits to the amount you can collect with Patchwork. However, PayPal may restrict you to £1,700 if you don’t lift the limits that are automatically placed on your account. Please check these are lifted before publishing your patchwork. Stripe doesn’t have any limits on how much you can collect.

How does Patchwork make money?

It’s free to create and share a patchwork. We deduct a 3% fee from cash contributions that you collect via our site. So 30p + VAT on a £10 gift. You will be charged VAT at the rate of your country of residence. For more information on money matters see our fees and how they work for you.

What if I don’t collect any money?

Then we don’t make any money. Simple.

So is it free to create a Make and Do Patchwork?

Yes. If you want friends to contribute their time and skills you can create a patchwork full of patches asking people to Make or Do.

We don't make money from these patchworks. But they do make us smile.

What’s the difference between a Stripe and a PayPal account?

Stripe allows friends to pay with a card straight into your Stripe account (which can then go directly into your bank account depending on how you’ve set up your Stripe account). They charge 1.4% commission (or 2.9% if paying with a non European card) and 20p per transaction.

PayPal allows your friends to contribute directly into your PayPal account from their PayPal account. They charge 2.9% commission and 30p per transaction.

If you want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to contribute it makes sense to connect both PayPal and Stripe to your patchwork. That way people can choose whether to pay with a credit/debit card or with their PayPal account.

How do I find out about currency conversion on Stripe and PayPal?

You can work out the cross border and conversion fees on Stripe here and PayPal here.

Please check your local Stripe and PayPal if you are a non-UK resident.

What payment options do my friends have?

This depends on which accounts you have linked to your Patchwork. We would recommend that you add your PayPal and your Stripe accounts. This will give your friends the choice of paying with their PayPal account or with a credit or debit card.

Can I collect money for someone else?

Yes, there are two ways you can do this. If it’s a surprise gift you’re organising, you can register with your own details and use your own PayPal account and/or Stripe account. Then explain to your friends that you are collecting funds on someone else’s behalf.

However, if you want funds to go directly to your friend’s account, they will need to register their details first. You can then help them create their patchwork and share it with others on their behalf.

I’m not based in the UK. Can I still create a patchwork?

Hooray. Yes, you can. Just set your currency when you create your patchwork. PayPal and Stripe will make any necessary currency conversions for you. (Please check Stripe and PayPal for their exchange rates and fees).

You can select any one of the following currencies to collect funds in to your patchwork: GBP, USD, EUR, CZK, DKK, HUF, PLN, SEK, AUD, CAD, HKD, JPY, MXN, NZD, NOK, PHP, SGD, CHF, TWD.

How many patchworks can I have on the go at one time?

For patchworks collecting funds
You can have 2 live patchworks collecting funds at any one time and a total of 4 fundraising patchworks per year.

We have to limit it to that number by law to avoid any money laundering or other dodgy dealings.

For make and do patchworks
There is no limit to the amount of Make and Do patchworks you can create.

For draft patchworks
You can create as many draft patchworks as you like and save them in ‘My Account’ until you’re ready to publish them. Just remember, you can only have 4 patchworks collecting funds per year.

Where do I get my images?

If you want to create your own patchwork from scratch, you can use your own images, those in our gallery or any copyright free images you can find online.

Can I edit my patchwork after publishing?

Yes absolutely. You can edit your patchwork, including all images, text and quantities anytime.

How long can my page stay live?

Patchworks collecting funds
Patchworks collecting funds have a limit of 6 months from when the first contribution is made.

Make and Do patchworks
Any patchworks that do not collect funds can be open for 12 months. After that, they will automatically close.

How do I share my patchwork?

Your patchwork has a unique URL that you can send to friends and family. Just copy and paste the link to share it on social media, in an email or on printed invites.

Will my patchwork be public?

Friends will be able to find your patchwork on our site but it won’t appear in a Google search and we won’t publicise or promote your patchwork without your permission.

How many people can contribute?

There are no restrictions to the amount of people who can contribute. However, if you wish, you can limit contributions within your patchwork. For instance, if you only want one person to DJ at your wedding, you can set the limit to 1. Or if you want 5 people to make desserts, you can set the limit to 5. Equally, if you only want 4 massages on your holiday, you can set the limit to 4. But we won’t judge if you ask for a massage every day of your holiday.

Can my friends from overseas contribute?

Yes they can. The currency is set by you and you can receive funds from all over the world. If you are using PayPal you will need to check your own personal currency settings to ensure you can receive contributions in any currencies you are expecting.

We do monitor overseas transactions as part of our anti money laundering processes but genuine transactions will be allowed.

What’s the maximum gift spend?

There are no restrictions on how much money you can collect using Patchwork but the maximum amount one person can spend on one transaction is £1300.

Where can I manage contributions and send thanks?

You can access, edit and manage all of your patchworks in ‘My Patchworks’. From here, it’s easy to invite people to view your patchwork, check out who has contributed what, read messages from friends and send thanks.

What happens if my friends lose the URL to my Patchwork?

They can visit and search for it with ‘Find a friend’s patchwork’.

What if I don’t like reading FAQs and now just want to talk to a real person?

You can call us in our London studio on 020 8617 8487 or email