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Whether it's a honeymoon, a new sofa, or a deposit for a house.

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    100+ customisable templates to choose from.
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    Collect cash gifts, in any currency, direct to your bank account via Stripe.
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    Keep track of contributions and send thanks.
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You can invite wedding guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund and they can choose which part to treat you to - whether that's £200 for a night in a boutique hotel or £20 for sunset cocktails.

Or make a gift registry for a home project so your friends and family can give £10 towards the paint or chip in £100 for the plumber.

Your Patchwork gift list can include anything you wish for.

Patchwork Makes...

  • ...asking for money simple, secure and fun
  • easy to spend funds how you like
  • ...your dream gifts a reality

Create Your Page

Browse the most popular templates, choose one to personalise, then invite friends to help fund your gift registry - piece by piece.

Patchwork templates are fully customisable so you can change images to suit your style, and personalise the copy. Or create your own from scratch.

How it Works

  1. Click on your dream honeymoon or gift registry template, and personalise it by adding your own details, photos.
  2. Publish your patchwork to generate a unique website address (URL) to share with everyone via email, on social media and/or on your invitations.
  3. Friends and family then view your patchwork to choose the things they want to fund. You can keep track of contributions and send thanks.
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You can choose to receive funds in any currency via the Patchwork payment partner, Stripe. Your money is secure and you have direct access to spend it how you like. 3.6% Patchwork commission on funds received (plus Stripe fees). Read about fees.

Got any questions, or need some help? Get in touch with Patchwork