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Why set up a honeymoon fund?

  • You’ve been living together for a while and have all of the household ‘stuff’ you need, so a traditional department store gift list doesn’t feel like the right choice.
  • You’ve spent a lot of money on your wedding day and really want to ask for cash to help with the costs of your honeymoon.
  • Setting up a honeymoon fund helps remove the embarrassment of asking for cash direct, so you don’t need to feel awkward when telling guests what you’d like.

Why is Patchwork the best honeymoon fund?

With Patchwork, you’re not tied to any particular travel agent. You’re free to book your trip how you like and you can do things at your own pace.

Our website lets you show your wedding guests your dream honeymoon as a patchwork of individual experiences, so they can choose which bit of your adventure to treat you to. You can describe your trip and everything you want to get up to in as much detail as you like, so your friends and family will feel really involved and excited to help you fund something you’ve been dreaming of.

You can collect money from friends all over the world in your local currency. So whenever you’re ready, you just need to book your flights, pack your bags and go.

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What makes Patchwork unique?

There is no upfront fee so you can try us today. Get started now with no commitments - we’ll only start charging our 3.6% commission when you start collecting funds.

We don’t hold your funds so you have access to your money as soon as your wedding guests contribute. This helps if you want to book flights and hotels in advance.

Our huge collection of beautiful templates make it super easy to set up your honeymoon fund. If you choose to customise one of our readymade patchworks all you need to do is add your own title and introduction and you’re ready to go. Alternatively, if you want to make your honeymoon fund from scratch, you can. Just choose images from our gallery or upload your own to show your wedding guests your ideal honeymoon in your own way.

Your friends and family get to see your dream trip in detail and can choose which specific piece they want to fund, whether it’s £2 for beers on the beach, or £200 for a night in a hotel. Then they can leave you a message with their gift.

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You can then keep track of your guests contributions in your account, where you can see who bought which piece and how much that person spent. You can also view all of their messages along with their email address and their home address (if they choose to leave it).

Saying thank you through our site is really easy. Just like when you’re creating your patchwork, you can personalise this process as much as you like. You can send digital thank yous via our site or printed thanks with our partner Moo. Either way, you can upload a photo of yourselves enjoying your gift, along with your words. Then you can send either a general thank you to everyone who contributed to your honeymoon fund or individual thanks with personalised messages and pictures.

Our website has been beautifully designed with completely customisable templates and complementary colours so it’s not going to clash with the invitations and/or wedding website that you’ve so carefully chosen.

As we’re a global, multi-currency, mobile platform it’s also super easy for your guests to shop on their phones wherever they may be in the world.

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How do I set up a Patchwork honeymoon fund?

You don’t have to make an account in order to start making your honeymoon fund, so if you want to give it a try you’re able to do so with no commitments.

Then you just need to choose whether you’d like to customise one of our many honeymoon templates featuring lots of beautiful destinations around the world, or if you want to start your own from scratch. Once you’ve chosen, you need to write your own introduction welcoming your wedding guests to your honeymoon fund and explaining all about your trip. You can also add your own banner image to personalise your honeymoon fund page further.

The next step is to upload images that represent the experiences you want to fund. Or find inspiration and choose images from our extensive gallery. Then add titles, descriptions and prices and and tell your guests how many of each piece you want ie. two boat trips, four romantic dinners, one extra special bottle of champagne.

When you’re ready to share your honeymoon fund with your guests you’ll be prompted to create a unique URL and link your PayPal account so you can collect funds direct.

You’ll also get the opportunity to compose a thank you message that will appear when one of your wedding guests sends you a gift. Then you’re ready to share! You can print invitation inserts with our partner Moo, send your URL out via email, or link up your honeymoon fund page to your wedding website.

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When should I set up my honeymoon fund?

You should set up your honeymoon fund at least six months before your wedding so you can send the link out with your invitations.

If you want to plan your honeymoon well in advance you can book and pay for it on a credit card, then create your honeymoon fund as a way to pay off the balance. Alternatively, you can set up your honeymoon fund first, and then book your trip once you’ve collected your funds and know how much you have to spend.

With Patchwork you can be specific about all the details you have already organised - ie. the specific hotels you want to stay in. Or just present an idea of your dream honeymoon - i.e a room with a view. Either way, your wedding guests can help you pay for the big things like flights and accommodation and the little things cocktails, ice-creams and bus tickets.

How will my honeymoon fund work for my guests?

Your wedding guests will be able to go directly to your honeymoon fund using your unique URL, or they can simply search for it at They don’t need to create an account or use a code to access your honeymoon fund, all they need is your name and/or email address. They can choose the experiences they want to fund and add them to their basket. Then they can leave a message along with a photo of themselves to appear on your Patchwork page. Your friends and family can pay using any credit or debit card via PayPal and their funds will be transferred directly and immediately into your PayPal account. Once they’ve bought your gift they will see your thank you message.

How will I receive my cash gifts?

Unlike other honeymoon funds, we don’t hold your funds. Instead, all cash contributions come directly to your PayPal account at which point we deduct our 3.6% commission. Find out about fees here.

How can I track of contributions and send thanks?

You will be alerted by email when anyone buys you a gift. But you can also set your notifications to receive alerts daily, weekly, monthly or never.

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You can download a CSV so you have all this information in a spreadsheet.

You can contact people individually or as a group via your account and send thank you messages along with photos of you enjoying your gift. Sending thanks via email is free and if you want to print thank you cards we can offer you a 20% discount on printed postcards with our partner Moo.

Happy Couples

Beckie and Tom

Beckie and tom 27673cb34a2918be24538eae751ecd2a1d5db0a506168b60a976b948a0cf8fc6

“Patchwork enabled our guests to buy our honeymoon in bite size pieces, so it worked for everyone. We had the holiday of a lifetime and each one of our wedding guests played a part in that, from a couple of beers, right up to the honeymoon suite. It felt really special.”

Jessica and Claudia

Jessica and claudia a82cfe2316c9c1bce9f6782c0521459ea2f26d9a625e6b29d005f23e1d7ce072

“We were really excited about Patchwork, because not only do I love putting together Pinterest boards (and it’s very similar) but we have enough stuff in our house already.”

Amy and Jason

Honeymoons profile 3 bfe0c644a05e72f6f2b18074f3cb685b89f9313caba149548e4f8825f5ea2bec

“We loved being able to share our honeymoon with friends and family, sending Facebook and Instagram updates along the way. It was really nice being out there knowing everyone at home was thinking of us.”

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