Why use Patchwork

Patchwork is a platform that lets friends get together to contribute cash, time and skills to make something amazing happen - piece by piece.

Wedding Registry

Create an alternative gift list that lets your guests collectively fund the one thing you really want - from a honeymoon to a piece of art, a new kitchen to a campervan. If you’re looking for inspiration you can check out our readymade patchworks here.

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Group Gift

Invite friends and family to contribute cash towards a special gift for someone you love, in a way that's personal and fun. With Patchwork people can contribute whatever they can afford. Then once you’ve collected funds you can buy the gift when and where you like.

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Party Planning

Organising a surprise party, hen do or baby shower? With Patchwork you can show people the plan then ask them to contribute cash, time or skills to help make it happen. From buying beers to making cakes or playing tunes - everyone can can contribute something.

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Travel Fund

Know someone planning an adventure or just in need of a weekend escape? Whether it’s a honeymoon, gap year, stag weekend or surprise holiday, you can create a patchwork to share the dream and invite friends to come together and help make it a reality.

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How it works

By creating a patchwork, you get to share an idea for a special gift, event or experience broken down into its component parts.

Friends and family can then choose which piece they want to fund, make or do.

And that way, everyone contributes to making whatever it is you want to happen, happen.

Patchworks collecting funds

All cash contributions go immediately and directly to your PayPal account, ready for you to spend when and where you like.

Make and Do patchworks

If you’re asking people to make or do things (like baking cakes or blowing up balloons), they will select the things they want to commit to then leave their details so you can follow up.

Readymade and Start from scratch

You can customise one of our readymade patchworks or create your own from scratch, using your own images.

Stay up-to-date

Once you’ve made your patchwork, you can keep track of the things people fund, make and do in your account.

Friends can leave messages with their gifts and you can say thank you by sending photos of you enjoying your experience either by email or with printed cards from Moo (Patchwork users get a 20% discount. Woo).

How we make our money

We charge 3% (plus VAT) commission on funds raised via your patchwork. If you don’t collect any money neither do we.

We don’t hold your funds and instead use a PayPal service called Adaptive Payments. Any contributions that come from friends go direct to your own PayPal account.

For this service, PayPal charge up to 3.4% commission on collected funds and a 20p fee on each transaction.

So if a friend gives you £10.00 towards a gift you’ll receive £9.10 after all fees.

There are no limits to the amount of money you can collect with Patchwork. However PayPal may restrict you to £1650 if you don’t lift the limits that are automatically placed on your account. Please check that these are lifted before publishing your patchwork.

For more information, please have a read of our FAQs.

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