How to create a patchwork:

Whether you want to use Patchwork as a wedding registry or honeymoon fund, to organise a group gift or plan a party, we’ve got a huge range of readymade patchworks to inspire and assist you. Just browse these templates and choose one to personalise and use. However if you’d like to create your patchwork from scratch, you can do this using your own photos and images from our gorgeous gallery. Just press CREATE to start your patchwork and choose whether to browse templates or start from scratch.

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Give your page a title e.g. ‘Our honeymoon fund’ and write a welcome message telling people what you want people to contribute towards and why. Then add a banner image or colour and an event date if you want to.

You can click around your readymade patchwork to tweak the text, change the prices and set quantities for each item or experience. You can also swap images, reshape, move and delete patches, and you can add new ones.

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To save your patchwork you’ll need to register your name, email and password.

When you’re ready to publish your patchwork just create a unique URL to share with friends. Then prepare an automatic thank you (and a photo if you’d like to add one) so they can see a message from you as soon as they’ve contributed.

If you want to use our site to collect cash contributions you need to link your patchwork to your Stripe and/or PayPal account in order to publish your page and receive funds.

Stripe is the easiest way for people to pay with a debit/credit card. You can connect your Stripe account to your chosen bank to receive your funds. Stripe charge 1.4% commission and 20p per transaction.

PayPal allows people to contribute directly into your PayPal account from theirs. PayPal charge 3.4% commission and 20p per transaction.

If you want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to contribute (and therefore increase the funds you collect) it makes sense to connect both PayPal and Stripe to your patchwork so people can choose how to pay.

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Receiving contributions from friends:

Friends will arrive at your patchwork by typing your URL into their browser. But if they lose their invitation or forget this link they can search for your patchwork by choosing to Find a Friend.

As friends contribute towards your patchwork you’ll see their names, contact details and messages in your account, along with the list of things they’ve chosen to fund, make and/or do.

Cash contributions will go direct to your Stripe and/or PayPal account, minus fees. The things people choose to make and do will be recorded as pledges in your account.

You can check on your patchwork activity whenever you like. But you can also choose to receive notifications via email - either every time someone contributes or as a weekly or monthly digest.

When you’re ready, it’s easy to contact and/or thank people via your Patchwork account. Just write a message (along with a photo if you like) and choose to email people individually, as a group or ‘by patch’. Then if you want to send proper printed thank yous at a later date, you can download a CSV spreadsheet of everyone’s details from your account and then send thank you cards using our 20% discount with Patchwork print partner MOO.

Read these tips on getting the most out of your patchwork.

To see how your patchwork works for guests, check out this real patchwork.

For frequently asked questions go to our FAQs.

To contact us with any questions or to ask for help email or call 020 8617 8487.