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Dominic Riddex

Congratulations, and happy honeymoon!

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Julie Bargman

Congratulations to you both on your Wedding Day. Wishing you many years of fun, laughter and happiness together. Love from all your friends and colleagues at Santander Horsham

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Jamie Hawton

Wishing you an amazing life together. Thanks for letting us share your special day with you. JP & Jamie xxx

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Katie Curry

Congratulations to you both. Wishing you lots of love and happiness! Love Katie and Stephen xxx

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Maria Maxted

Congratulations to you both love Maria and Sarah xxx

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Jason Whiting

For my bestie and his special man. Enjoy.............. Jay & Ben

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Theo Marangoz

We are very happy for you Mile & Garry! Lots of Love xxx

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Peter Bambling

Congratulations guys! We hope you both have a wonderful and romantic time away. And long may you enjoy the time you spend together and embrace all that you are and will be for all time. Lots of love Pedro and Sarah! XX

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Angela Chalon-Allen

Hope you have a fab evening, an amazing honeymoon and lots of happy memories! With all our love Angie & Polly x

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Emily Wild

Wishing you every happiness!!! Enjoy the film star experience!!!! With love Chris and Emily

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Tony Jewitt