We're in business to save our planet

Our mission: More love, less stuff.

Our mission is one we think all businesses should share - to save life on planet earth. For us this specifically means challenging our addiction to consumerism and the obscene amount of waste associated with gift giving. At Patchwork we use our technology to bring people together to celebrate and support each other, to pool resources in order to give gifts that are really wanted and needed, and at the same time stop unwanted gifts ending up in landfill. 

Our model: Planet before profit. 

While our business inherently helps to reduce waste, we realise the fight to save our planet is not this simple. We know we need to use not just our businesses but our personal actions, our political structures, our legal systems and our collective power to ensure that global governments and corporations are held to account and made to act. So when you sign up to use Patchwork we will donate 50% of our fees (that's total fees, not profit) to fund environmental charities using the law, direct action and public pressure to fight for our future.

Our partners: Environmental charities.

The environmental charities we've chosen to fund are working with indigenous people, using the law and public campaigns to expose the truth about our climate emergency, hold multinational corporations to account and pressure international governments to put people and planet before profit. You can find out more about Survival International, Client Earth and Friends of the Earth and choose which charity you'd like to support here

Our fees: Two ways to pay.

£50 Today

(£25 of which goes to charity)

This one off fee pays to host one patchwork page for as long as you want. Most popular with weddings.

Sign up now

£6 per month

(£3 of which goes to charity)

Our subscription is perfect for unlimited patchworks for birthdays, babies, bar mitzvahs and all year-round events.

First month free, cancel at any time.