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Fund your honeymoon with My Native.

We've partnered with Patchwork to bring you a bespoke honeymoon fund that we can tailor to your trip with My Native. With Patchwork you can show wedding guests your dream honeymoon so they can choose which part of the trip to treat you to - £200 for the hotel, £50 for a romantic dinner or £2 for an ice cream on the beach. You can see some example honeymoon funds for a selection of our trips below - these are templates that we can personalise as we design your honeymoon together.

Use These Templates

How do I Use Patchwork?

Once you've chosen your My Native trip, you can share your itinerary through the patchwork honeymoon fund, personalising it by adding your own details, photos and descriptions
When you're ready, publish your patchwork to generate a unique website address (URL) and print this along with your wedding invitations, or link via your wedding website
Wedding guests can then view your patchwork and choose what they'd like to treat you to. You can keep track of gifts and contact people straight from your Patchwork account.

Patchwork usually charge 3% but have kindly supplied a FREE CODE for My Native customers. Just contact when creating your patchwork and the fee will be waived.