A new parent Patchwork

Prepare for the new baby and set up your gift page

Are you expecting a new baby but would appreciate practical help more than toys, hats and bootees? With Patchwork, you can make sure your friends and family can help you in the ways you need them to most. Then you can enjoy some precious time with your new baby. Just customise one of our new baby templates, share it with friends and let everyone know what they can do to help.

A new parent Patchwork
    Customise a new baby template to share with friends.
    Invite friends to contribute money, time or skills.
    Collect cash gifts in any currency direct to your bank account via Stripe.
    Keep track of contributions and send thanks.

Start your gift page

Editing a patch within a patchwork for new parents

1. Create your Patchwork

Browse our many unique new baby and parent gift ideas and choose a readymade template to customise. Or create your own ‘wish list’ from scratch. With Patchwork you can invite friends and family to fund physical gifts, pay towards professional help or offer support by contributing their own time and skills. A patchwork of images shows them the things you’d like them to fund, make or do. For example, if you want to celebrate the birth of your baby without being inundated with too many babygrows, you could create a ‘helping hands’ patchwork - include options for people to contribute £10 towards a cleaner, offer to stock the freezer with a few home cooked meals or take older siblings to the park for an hour or two.

Browse new baby templates

2. Collect money

Patchwork is not tied to any suppliers and we don't hold your funds. Instead money goes directly into your bank account via Stripe so you can spend it when, where and how you like. It's free to sign up to Patchwork, we only make money when you receive yours - with a 3.6% commission on contributions you receive. You can view our fees page here.

Patchwork commission 3.6% + Payment partner fees on funds received
Contributing to a patchwork with PayPal or Stripe
Saying thank you to your contributors.

3. Say thank you

It's super easy to keep track of gifts and messages. So when you’re enjoying your new baby gifts or experiences, you can upload photos to your account to send along with a thank you message to all your friends and family. You can also send printed thank you cards using our 30% discount with our friends at Moo.

With customisable templates and a gorgeous image gallery, it's easy to set up your Patchwork gift list. The Pinterest-style layout and mobile friendly shopping experience makes it easy and fun for friends to contribute, too.

Start your new baby page

Hear From Happy Parents:

Steph's Meal Delivery

Steph and her babies enjoying the results of her meal delivery Patchwork
"We were having baby number three" says Steph. "We really didn't need much in the way of clothes, toys and baby things so when my friends asked what they could do as a baby gift I suggested some readymade meals! I was half joking but I was so chuffed when our Cook delivery turned up. Having meals that were already prepared and required no cleaning up saved my sanity. It also meant I had more time to cuddle with my new baby and rest and recover after the birth. I thought it was such a great idea that I have used Patchwork to organise the same gift for a friend who's about to have her second baby."

Harriet's Food Hamper

Harriet and her baby with her food hamper her friends and family contributed to through Patchwork
When Harriet’s friends got together to organise a hamper to be delivered after the birth of her second child, Harriet says: "I just felt really loved. It was like having a big hug from all my friends and exactly the help we really needed. Not only the most useful present we received but also the most heartwarming. At a time when you really need to eat well you don't have the energy to think about meals, so it was lovely to feel that our friends had thought of everything and were really taking care of us".

Anna's Baby Sleep Specialist

Anna enjoying her sleep now her baby sleeps for 11 hours.
Anna’s friends got together to 'patchwork the problem' of newborn sleep deprivation. From a cup of hot chocolate to a session with a specialist, together they contributed the money needed to pay for professional help. “My baby now sleeps for 11 hours a night and I feel human again. I’m a better mum and I am so much happier - as is my baby! Cheesy as it sounds, I can honestly say that Patchwork changed my life and saved my sanity!”

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