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Show parents what needs doing for your next PTA event, then they choose what they volunteer for or buy.

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Hear from other PTA organisers

Louise, PTA Chair, London

“Using Patchwork helped us to engage more parents, who liked the fact they could use it on their mobile devices. They appreciated the option to donate rather than give time and the message function.”

Amy, PFTA Treasurer, Somerset

“We actually raised money via our patchwork before the fair, which is a first, and reduced our initial cost for supplies. It also saved a lot of time and admin.”

Ravi, PTA Committee Member, York

“Patchwork was really easy to register, link to PayPal and quick to set up. I liked the patchwork templates which could be copied and manipulated. It was really, really well received by parents, who fed back that it was easy to use and intuitive.”

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