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Happy Birthday Stories

Georgia Craib

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“Everything has more value when it comes from the many; full of love, effort and care. Surely that’s what giving is really about. My Dad taught me that, so truly it was a no brainer to Patchwork a special gift for him..”

Yvonne Wake

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“It was my 60th and I confessed to my kids that the only thing I wanted was a Mulberry bag. Of course I would never ask my children to buy me such an expensive gift alone so Patchwork was perfect, as it meant my daughter could invite all my family and friends to chip in.”

Hannah Lamdin

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“We live in a small London terrace, so I really didn’t want friends bringing Otis random birthday gifts to clutter up the place. I’ve been to so many kids birthdays and hate buying things that I’m not sure the kid (or the parent) will like. It feels like such a waste. So I loved that people could contribute towards Otis's bike.”

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