Fund your birthday party.
Piece by piece.

How does it work?

Organising a birthday bash? Use Patchwork to let people know the plan and to ask for help. You show people what they need to fund, make or do, then they decide whether to contribute their time, skill or money to make the party happen.

1. Create a birthday patchwork to share with friends
2. Collect cash gifts direct to your PayPal and/or Stripe
3. Keep track of contributions and send thanks

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Screenshot of example patchwork
Screenshot of example patchwork
Screenshot of example patchwork

Happy Birthday Stories

Naomi Jago

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“Being able to see all the elements of the party laid out in the patchwork helped everyone see the plan, and seeing that other people had offered to make or do something really spurred everyone on to get involved in making the whole thing amazing!”

Sally Wood

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“I used Patchwork to organise my kids’ birthday party - it was a brilliant way of asking for the help that I needed. I’m so glad I did it this way instead of trying to do everything myself. We had a lovely cake from my friend, music by my dad, and someone I knew even sorted out a bouncy castle.”

David Abrahams

David abrahams e6647fa3bf18616e0960751116b5ab3e02dcf8fe8ee25e6c926010b84459df3b

“This was the perfect tool for organising a surprise birthday party for my girlfriend’s 30th. I asked people to do things like bring a photo of themselves with her for a pin board, pick her up & bring her to the party, make her a cake - everyone had a job, and it was so easy to keep track.”

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