Fund your gap year.
Piece by piece.

How does it work?

You show your friends and family everything you need for
your trip, then they choose which part to treat you to.

Create a gap year patchwork to share with friends

  Collect cash gifts direct to your PayPal and/or Stripe

  Keep track of contributions and send thanks

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Happy Travellers

Jimi Darby

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“I wanted to involve my friends and family in the adventure I was about to go on and Patchwork was the perfect way to do it. I asked friends to lend me travelling essentials and make me playlists, and my family gave me money towards my savings.”

Holly Chaplain

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“It was a fun way to show all my family and friends the kind of things I wanted to do with my time away, and got them really involved. It’s a straight-forward and easy to use way to fund your travels.”

Alice Beck

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“Patchwork meant my family could choose to give me an activity during my travels, maybe ‘a day in Tokyo’ or a much needed ‘meal in a restaurant’ or even a ‘cocktail on the beach’ – it allowed them to give a real gift whilst also helping me fund my trip!”

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