Our new kitchen Patchwork

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Whether it's your honeymoon, a piece of art or a DIY project, with Patchwork you show friends and family the one thing you really want and together they help make it happen.

Our new kitchen Patchwork
    Customise a gift list template to share with friends.
    Invite friends to contribute money, time or skills.
    Collect cash gifts direct to your PayPal and/or Stripe.
    Keep track of contributions and send thanks.

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Creating a patchwork for a new kitchen

Create your Patchwork

Browse our many unique wedding gift ideas and choose a readymade template to customise. Or create your own gift registry from scratch. With Patchwork you can invite wedding guests to contribute towards gifts, honeymoon experiences or personal projects, letting them know the things they can choose to fund, make or do. For example, if you want to do up your kitchen, you could include the option for people to fund a toaster for £50, buy a tile for £1 or pay for a plumber for £100. You could also ask people to lend a hand by painting a wall, putting up a shelf or making a tea while you work.

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Collect gift money

Patchwork is not tied to any suppliers and we don't hold your funds. Instead gift money goes directly into your PayPal or bank account via Stripe so you can buy your gifts when, where and how you like. It's free to sign up to Patchwork, we only make money when you receive yours - with a 3.6% commission on contributions you receive. You can compare partner fees here. If you have a promotion code to waive our fee, partner fees still apply.

Patchwork Commission 3.6% + payment partner fees on funds received
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Say thank you

It's super easy to keep track of gifts and messages from guests. So when you're enjoying your gift or experience, you can upload photos to your account to send along with a thank you message to the friends who helped to fund it. You can also send printed thank you cards using our 30% discount with our friends at Moo.

With customisable templates and a gorgeous image gallery, it's easy to set up your Patchwork gift list and the Pinterest-style layout and mobile friendly shopping experience makes it easy and fun for friends to contribute, too.

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Natalie & Daley's Roadtrip

Natalie & Daley's Roadtrip
"Our friends thought it was funny, really liked the collage effect and that they could see what you would be putting their gift money towards. Setting off on honeymoon thanks to their generosity felt amazing, I don't think I've ever felt so loved and rooted for."

Anna & Ollie's Work of Art

Anna & Ollie's Work of Art
"I was amazed by how many people got in touch saying what a great idea they though it was. People loved the idea of giving us art as well. I think they resonated with its special significance."

Steph & Jon's Spanish Home

Steph & Jon's Spanish Home
"We didn't need traditional stuff, but we didn't want to just ask people for money. Patchwork was a really nicely presented way of asking for useful things! And we loved the fact that people didn't have to spend money - they could pledge to visit or write to us."