Fund your honeymoon.
Piece by piece.

How does it work?

You show your wedding guests your dream honeymoon,
they choose which part of the trip to treat you to.

Customise a honeymoon template to share with friends

  Collect cash gifts direct to your PayPal and/or Stripe

  Keep track of contributions and send thanks

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Happy Couples

Hatti and Dave

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“Easy and totally customisable, it was really fun to create a patchwork that was totally "us". It meant friends and family could give money in a way that was personal and it saved us the embarrassment of asking for cash!”

Gregg and Dan

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“Our friends loved our Patchwork – clubbing together to buy us all sorts of incredible experiences, from beers on the beach to bird watching in the Blue Mountains and an epic trip to the Great Barrier Reef.”

Amy and Jason

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“We loved being able to share our honeymoon with friends and family, sending Facebook and Instagram updates along the way. It was really nice being out there knowing everyone at home was thinking of us.”

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