A Spa Day Patchwork

Why not team up for a special thank you gift for your teacher?

Whether it's vouchers for a favourite restaurant, a theatre trip, or a whole day spent relaxing at a spa, with Patchwork you show parents and carers the thing your favourite teacher would really love, then everyone can contribute what they can afford.

A Spa Day Patchwork
    Customise a template, or start your own gift page from scratch.
    Collect cash gifts in any currency direct to your bank account via Stripe.
    Keep track of contributions and send thanks.

Start your teacher gift page

Editing a patch within a patchwork for a teachers gift

1. Create your teacher gift page

Browse our teacher gift ideas and choose a readymade template to customise. Or create your own gift page from scratch. With Patchwork you can ask parents and carers to contribute towards physical gifts, or pay for much wanted experiences. With Patchwork you show everyone the gift or experience you’d like to fund. And people can contribute what they can afford. For example, if you have a teacher who’d love a spa day, you could include the option for people to contribute £20 towards a massage, £10 towards a facial or buy a drink in the bar afterwards for £5.

Browse gift templates

2. Collect money

Patchwork is not tied to any suppliers and we don't hold your funds. Instead money goes directly into your bank account via Stripe so you can spend it when, where and how you like. It's free to sign up to Patchwork, we only make money when you receive yours - with a 3.6% commission on contributions you receive. You can view our fees page here.

3. Keep track of contributions

It's super easy to keep track of gifts from parents and carers. People can leave a personal message on the page for the teacher to read when they receive their gift.

Contributing to a patchwork with PayPal or Stripe

With customisable templates and a gorgeous image gallery, it's easy to set up your teacher gift page. The Pinterest-style layout and mobile friendly shopping experience makes it easy and fun for parents to contribute, too.

Start your teacher gift page

Hear From Happy Teachers:

Miss. Hodder's Maternity Present

"My class of Year 7 boys were very sweet and showed me the patchwork during class on my last day before I went on maternity leave. It was really thoughtful of everyone and the messages were very touching."

Mr. Bowden's OFSTED Celebration

"We recently celebrated some amazing achievements as a school and were bowled over by the generous gifts from parents who had clubbed together to show their appreciation."

Miss. Johnson's End of Term Gift

"Lovely to get all the messages on the page and the group gift was amazing — I was given a Spa experience. As nice as it is to get chocolates and wine, it's great to have a day of total luxury! I'm sure it was a lot easier for the parents too!"