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Organise your Big Lunch in one place using our new online tool.

2-5 June 2022

Make sharing your Big Jubilee Lunch plans and inviting your community to help make it happen, super easy with Patchwork. Your friends and neighbours can choose whether to contribute their time, cash and/or skills – so it’s easy for you to connect with people who can offer time to help with logistics, collect donations to help fund the event, and inspire all those talented DJs, bakers and street decorators to get involved too.

Use These Templates

How do I Use Patchwork?

After signing up, click on the template that best matches your event then personalise it by adding your own event details, photos and instructions.
Publish your patchwork to generate a unique website address (URL) then share with everyone via email, on social media and/or on printed flyers.
Friends and neighbours then view your patchwork to choose the things they want to help make, fund or do. You can keep track of pledges and contact people straight from your Patchwork account.

A subscription to Patchwork is just £6 per month and a generous 50% of that goes directly to your choice of one of three environmental charities. You can organise and host unlimited events and raise unlimited funds with Patchwork. Money received goes directly into your bank account via our payment partner so you can have access to your funds straight away. You can read more about Patchwork's secure payment partner and their own fees here.