Our top tips

Couple looking at pictures

Make it personal

Welcome everyone in your own words and personalise your patchwork with an image of you and/or the person you're celebrating. You can add a banner image and a profile picture as well as adding your own photos to the patchwork itself. We also have a gorgeous image gallery with 1000s of copyright free photos that you can use.

2 bikes by the sea on a sunny day.

Make it interesting

Include a title and a description at the top to explain what you’re asking people to contribute towards and why. Add patches of the things you’d love to have or do – people will love seeing what you have planned, and we have a great image library to inspire you!

2 bikes by the sea on a sunny day.
Couple looking at pictures

Make it affordable

Everyone who comes to your patchwork will want to contribute, so make sure there’s a range of prices. Then there’s something to suit every budget. You can also add ‘Make’ and ‘Do’ patches if you don’t want everything to be cash related.


You can click around your patchwork to tweak the text, change the prices and set quantities for each item or experience.

Picture it

You can swap images, resize, move and delete patches, and also add new ones. Plenty to play with to perfect your patchwork!

Piece by piece

Each patch needs to be fully funded so break down the more expensive items into smaller, more affordable pieces.

Ready to publish?

Simply personalise the URL that is automatically generated, then copy and share with your friends and family.

Want to make changes?

You can edit your patchwork after you’ve published it, and make changes at anytime.

Send love and thanks

You can prepare an automatic thank you (and a photo if you’d like to add one) so friends receive a message from you as soon as they’ve contributed.

And finally...

As friends contribute you’ll see their names, contact details and messages in your account, along with the list of things they’ve chosen to fund, make and/or do.

Cash contributions will go direct to your Stripe account, minus Stripe processing fees. The things people choose to make and do will be recorded as pledges in your account.

You can check on your patchwork activity whenever you like. You can also choose to receive notifications via email - either every time someone contributes or as a daily, weekly or monthly digest.