Why we’re the best gift list. In the world. Ever.

We’re a small team committed to building an ethical, sustainable business our kids can be proud of.

We don’t have big marketing budgets to buy customers so we have to earn each one. By being the very best. 60,000 people (and counting) now love and trust Patchwork. Here’s why:

  1. You can collect cash gifts direct to you - to fund absolutely anything.*
  2. Your friends can give you money, their time, or their skills. And feel great about doing it.
  3. We don’t try to sell you anything. You can spend the money you receive when, where and how you like.
  4. You can collect funds in any currency from friends and family wherever they are in the world
  5. Built to bring joy, Patchwork doesn’t just make people feel good about giving money - it inspires them to give you more (30% more).**
  6. It’s so easy to use you probably won’t need our customer service. But if you do, it’s the best.

So that’s all us. But really, Patchwork is YOU. It’s the magic that happens when friends get together to make your dreams come true.

Try Patchwork today. If you love it, tell your friends. And if you’re disappointed in any way, just say and we’ll waive our fee.***

Create a patchwork

  • *You can use Patchwork to fund absolutely anything except cattle, drugs and a few other things that break the law or breach our principles. See our T&Cs here.
  • **The average wedding gift spend with Patchwork is £65 while the average value of a cash wedding gift is £50.
  • ***Patchwork charge a 3.6% on commission on funds you recieve. We partner with PayPal and Stripe to process payments. To find out about their fees go here.